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Domestic flights to commence operations again from May 25

by Aravind Balaji
Domestic flights to resume operation

The Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) on Thursday announced that the domestic flights will resume operations from May 25. The lockdown imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic has made airlines to be shut entirely for almost 2 months. The operations will be commenced only with one-third of the pre-lockdown capacity.

ministry of civil aviation

The Ministry has also issued Standard operating procedure for passengers, airlines, and airports that needs to ensure before the commencement of the journey. Apart from which the passengers have to undergo procedures related to health protocols that will be determined by the respective state government/union government. This would also include whether they have to undergo a quarantine period or not.

The bookings for airlines on Monday from Thursday evening.

The government has allowed the airlines to operate domestic flights across airports all over in the country, but the final decision lies in the hands of the airlines. It is initially expected to resume operations across metro cities. It also said all airlines to adhere and maintain upper and lower fare limits prescribe by the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

Procedure for travel in domestic flights for passengers

The pre-flight protocols for passengers to include

  1. Reporting two hours before the departure time.
  2. Wearing of face mask.
  3. Self-declaration on the Aarogya Setu app is necessary to ensure that the passengers are free of COVID-19 symptoms. Passengers with “red status” will not be allowed to travel.
  4. Thermal screenings while entering the airport and no physical check will be allowed at the terminal.
  5. Passengers have to necessarily do a web check. And only passengers with a web check will be allowed to enter the airport.
  6. Passengers have to print the baggage tag and affix it in the baggage so that it is prominently displayed.
  7. Passengers are requested to carry a minimum baggage and only one cabin luggage will be allowed.
  8. The security personnel has been instructed to practice “minimum touch” to reduce physical contact with travelers.
  9. The ministry also asked pregnant women, elderly, and passengers with health issues to avoid air travel.
  10. Retail outlets will be open but passengers are asked to maintain social distance.
  11. Self-check-in by passengers near the boarding gate.
  12. Three-layered face masks and sanitizers will be provided at the boarding gate.
  13. Meal or any other services such as newspapers, magazines will not be provided. Onboard sales will be prohibited.
  14. Passengers are advised for minimum use of lavatory and avoid any non-essential movements.
  15. Passengers will not be allowed to consume any eatables during the flight except on health requirements.
  16. Water bottles will be made available in the gallery for passengers
  17. Passengers have to wait in hold area to collect baggage and it will be dispatched in batches to maintain social distancing.
  18. Repeated quarantine is not advised but is subject to the heath protocols of the respective state/union territory.

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