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AstraZeneca to roll out 2 billion doses by september

by Dhivya Manick

The pharmaceutical industries and scientists all over the world are battling to control the massive global killer coronavirus. The British pharma giant AstraZeneca along with Oxford University is Developing a vaccine for coronavirus. The company said that it is about to roll over 2 billion doses in the month of September.

Currently, the vaccine developed by the company is under the phase of human trials. If it is successful AstraZeneca will be able to make up millions of doses in the next few months. The testing in the initial phase included healthy volunteers of age 18 to 55. The company decided to expand the age interval including children and older people in the upcoming phases.

The firm also revealed that they have started manufacturing now to hold the stock of doses at the time of the result. This decision seems risky to manufacture the medicines before the results are out. But the company said that it is only the financial risk and the company is ready to bear it. It also added that anyway the results come out by August.

US also stated that they have doses ready if the clinical trials come out to be positive. The US president said that the country is ready with 2 million doses to roll out once if the results show positive signals. He also said in the White House conference that they may give some positive surprises and it is ready to tackle transportation and logistics too.

At the global summit hosted by UK India also pledged $15 million to vaccine alliance GAVI. The prime minister of India Modi stated in the summit that India not only supports GAVI financially, the huge Indian demand also lowered the prices of vaccines.

On one side AstraZeneca approached Gilead sciences on Sunday for a potential merger.

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