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Amazon announces 20,000 seasonal recruitments – The next ray of hope!!

by Neela Priyadharshini

Amazon announces seasonal recruitment

Amazon, one among the big four technology companies has made an announcement regarding 20,000 new seasonal jobs in India. After the announcement of acquiring self-driving car startup Zoox, this announcement seems to be soothing news during this pandemic situation.

Amazon announces 20000 job recruitments

Amazon’s early and new announcements

The COVID-19 epidemic forced many of us to face challenges. Many employees faced pay cuts and even some faced layoffs. But during this crisis situation, Amazon never failed to show its support. In May this year, they announced 50,000 job hires to meet the customer’s demand. Following this, they are looking for the next set of 20,000 new job applications for its customer service wing across India.

Amazon’s seasonal job Qualification

Amazon, the e-commerce giant is ready to hire candidates with minimum educational qualification of 12th standard pass. They have also stated that based on the candidate’s performance, they will be converting them into permanent employees by the year-end. Amazon’s customer service director Akshay Prabhu added that this new seasonal positions will provide job security and livelihood during this unanticipated situations.

Areas of job openings

Amazon announces 20000 job recruitments

These job positions in the area of “virtual customer service” offer flexible work from home options to ensure their employee’s safety. Jobseekers in Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Noida, Indore, Bhopal, Lucknow, Kolkata, Jaipur, Mangaluru, Chandigarh and Pune can make the most use of this opportunity where the job positions are open. In response to the surge in customer demand, Amazon has been continuously evaluating hiring needs to serve its customers. With expected customer traffic over the next six months, Amazon is gearing up to meet its customer demands with no further procrastination.

Amazon sticks with it’s goal

It’s very glad to see Amazon sticking around its one million new job announcement made earlier this year. They can be direct and indirect jobs across industries including logistics, creation, manufacturing, retail, content creation, skill development and information technology. They are predicting that they would be reaching this milestone in India by 2025. So, with more hope lets be positive and make use of these opportunities to survive in this hard situation.


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