Journey Of A Developer to a Digital Marketer


AISHWARYA SUBRAMANIAN hails from a prevalent town in Tamil Nadu, Kumbakonam. Since childhood, she dreamt of becoming a Software Developer. She topped first in all the academics. She was in the top 50th rank holder list of Anna University Batch (2013-2017).

She made her dream come true through her hard work. She got a job offer from a prominent product-based company in Chennai. She worked there for a year and then one day she thought why not to learn a new skill in digital marketing and switch the career from developer to digital marketer.

In between, she got married to Adithyan Srinivasan at the age of 23. Though she got married, her focus to learn a new skill didn’t change. She proudly says, her husband is a gem of a person and he constantly stood behind her and encouraged her to achieve what she really wanted to do.

One fine day she got to know about Digital Deepak Internship Program through one of her close friends. She started a career in Digital Marketing by joining Digital Deepak Internship Program- Batch 6 in October 2020. She learned all the techniques and gained knowledge from the best digital marketer in India “Deepak Kanakaraju”. He is very prominent in the name of “Digital Deepak”.

He completely changed her life from 1.0 version to 2.0 version after completing the 16 weeks of the Internship program. The internship program bombarded her attitude of staying in the comfort zone.

She was offered jobs by many companies to grow their businesses. She also had an idea of teaching new skills to students all over the country who cannot even afford to learn by giving thousands. Initially, she started with 52 students in a batch.

She started following the philosophy.


It took one and a half years for her to make 1000 students per batch. Her only aim was to teach the new generation a meaningful skill to develop them and develop the country by learning this skill. She has become one of the most well know mentors in India. She loves to help elderly people who are left alone by their children. For them, she started an old age home named “ADISH Old Age Home” in Kumbakonam.

She also gives a message to the upcoming generations by saying how she learned a lesson by rectifying her mistakes.

“I’ve made many mistakes earlier in my life. However, learning from those mistakes makes a person better. No one is immune to making mistakes- we are humans, after all! But if we simply apologize and carry on as before, we’re in danger of repeating the same errors. When we don’t learn from our mistakes, we inflict unnecessary stress on ourselves and on others, and we risk losing people’s confidence and trust in us.

To stop repeating mistakes:

  1. Own your mistakes
  2. Reframe the error
  3. Analyze your mistakes
  4. Put lessons learned into practice
  5. Review your progress.”


She has become one of the most influential digital mentors for more than 10,000 students within a short span of 12 months. Since childhood, she always had a dream of visiting the United States.

She then, not only visited the United States but also started a Digital Marketing company where they help to teach various skills for the development of student’s exposure in learning new domains.

More than 20 employees work under her in Kansas City, United States of America. Slowly, Students belongs to various states in America also started enrolling in her batch.

After a span of 6 months, she becomes a well-known personality all over the world through her teaching skills in digital marketing. She is very thankful and grateful to Digital Deepak for making her dreams come true.


Her aim is to serve elderly people all over India. To teach people who are really in thirst for learning new skills. To make a new generation a skillful generation.








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