Getting competitive – penned by R C Bhargava

The chairman of Maruti Suzuki R C Bhargava says that making India globally competitive in manufacturing sector is a difficult task. He also says that even after seven decades of Independence India has not acquired the competitive state. The gap between rich and poor is getting widened day by day.

At present, the manufacturing sector in India contributes to around only 15% of GDP. This is a major factor which makes the dream of narrowing the gap between rich and poor a far fetched one. But still with strong will power, continuous and comprehensive efforts we can make it possible R C Bhargava says in his book “Getting Competitive: A Practitioner’s Guide for India”.

"Getting Competitive: A Practitioner's Guide for India"

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Every citizen of the country has the sole duty and responsibility to make India a competitive one in addition to the government and the industries. The book is published by HarperCollins India. Having a wide experience as a policymaker and industry leader he quoted many of his practical experiences in his book.

He says that a good amount of trust has to be built among political system, governments, bureaucracy, judiciary and industrial leaders. Compared to other roles industrial leadership has a lot to do and has to take the lead to make things happen. He also added that policymakers have to identify their roles in making the country competitive and should work on it.

"Getting Competitive: A Practitioner's Guide for India"

R C Bhargava wrote that making India competitive in manufacturing requires a strong supply chain management. He quotes that socialistic industry-related policies will be more effective for this. Making India a competitive in manufacturing may take time but in the meantime, we may attract the key component manufacturers to invest.

Read the book “Getting Competitive: A Practitioner’s Guide for India” for more valuable and realistic insights from R C Bhargava. Drop your valuable views on making India competitive in the comment box.

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