Home News Cloud Kitchen business might skyrocket 5 folds within 5 years!..

Cloud Kitchen business might skyrocket 5 folds within 5 years!..

by Pavithra karthikeyan
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What is Cloud Kitchen?!

A restaurant that has no space and no dines in. This type of restaurant relies on home deliveries and orders placed on third-party websites. The advantage of these types of restaurants is that they can minimize infrastructure cost, human resource maintenance cost, etc,..


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During the pandemic!…

 The cloud kitchens have come handy in these testing situations. These are business models that are well adapted to social-distancing patterns. These are better preferred to traditional dine-in by the current generation. There will be a definite and permanent shift from going to the restaurants to ordering online post the COVID crisis.

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The chief executive officer, Raghav Joshi, of the Indian unit of Rebel Food Pvt ( which calls itself the world’s largest Internet Restaurant Company), feels that the order value has increased fifty to sixty percent since the announcement of continuous lockdown. At the same time, the company takes care of its employees with temperature checks and weekly consultations with doctors.

Vikrant Shitole, the chief-executive of Homelynow, a Mumbai based company has experienced a ninety percent increase in orders from retail customers. New job opportunities for forty-five cooks have risen during this pandemic.

The future ahead…

Cloud kitchen business is a $400 million industry in the year 2019, which is estimated to become a $2 billion industry in India by 2024. This is according to RedSeer Management Consulting. There is a survey conducted by the company which says 21% of the respondents prefer online ordering and takeaways even after the lockdown, while only 9% wish to visit restaurants. 

At the same time, head of Bain India’s Consumer Products and Retail practices, Joydeep Bhattacharya argues that these cloud kitchens are never substituting to the traditional restaurants, where people gather and sit together for food. These takeaways are other options for people who cannot cook at home, according to him.

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