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Anti-china movement favors Samsung

by Dhivya Manick

The anti-China moment is going viral not only in India but definitely has an impact on several business sectors. Following this several Chinese apps were also banned in India. But Samsung has positioned itself to tide over the anti-china movement in India. Other than this several hot issues like Himalayan border dispute and pandemic due to coronavirus are going sensational in the country. This made India to several protective measures.

The government of India has also banned 59 Chinese apps as an initiative of Anti-china movement. Sources says that this initiative will have an impact on the local smartphone market. The move by the government is aimed at affecting the supply chain of China. Even though the anti-china movement strengthens it will fail to affect the local mobile phones supply in China says Director Neil Shah of Counterpoint Technology.

Few industry experts state that the Samsung is about to catch its second position in smartphone sales. Some months ago Samsung lost its position to the Chinese mobile phones brand Xiaomi. The Q1 data of 2020 says that the Samsung and Vivo holding 17% and 16% of the market respectively. But the Xiaomi is still in the top holding a 30% share. India is extremely attractive and competitive for OEM.

Anti-china movement favors Samsung

As the situation favours the Samsung without doing anything Samsung is in the way to top the list. In spite of China being the manufacturing hub, India has taken such a critical decision. Definitely the movement creates a lot of impact in the business sector. In the other hand it became an advantage to few other companies like Samsung.

What is your opinion on anti-china movement? Is India going in the right path? How far it will affect Indian economy.

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