Microsoft launches a programme to Empower Agritech Startups in India

Empowerment through agritech startups

The Tech Giant Microsoft has launched a new programme “Microsoft for Agritech Startups” to accelerate the growth of Agritech Startups in India.

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The Company had announced that this programme will offer the best in class technology and business enablement resources to help the startups innovate and scale fast. Under this programme, the startups will get access to Azure FarmBeats which is available in Azure Marketplace.

What is Azure FarmBeats?

Azure FarmBeats enables to build agriculture solutions from different data sources like sensors, satellites, drones, and weather stations. Azure FarmBeats helps in assessing the farm’s health using water index based on the satellite image, enables to check soil moisture maps based on the fusion of satellite & sensor data and offers many other benefits.

The Microsoft for Agritech Startups programme is spread across three tiers:

According to NASSCOM, every ninth Agritech Startup in the world is from India. India is home to 535 Agritech startups as on April 2020, as per the data from Tracxn. Some of the leading Agritech startups in India are AgroStart, Intello Labs, CroFarm, CropIn, Aarav Unmanned Systems, Farm2Farm, and Ninjakart to name a few. Agritech startups in India are transforming agriculture by innovative digital solutions with greater efficiency, thereby maximising productivity.

The “Microsoft for Agritech Startups” programme will largely help the Agritech Startups to boost their businesses and will enhance the growth of Agriculture sector in India.

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