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Hindustan Unilever to go away from “fair”

by Dhivya Manick

The conglomerate Hindustan Unilever decided to remove the word “fair” from it’s fair and lovely product line. The action by the Unilever is followed by long time criticism of its product featuring a negative impact about dark-skinned people. The cosmetics companies face much criticism after the Black lives matter moment.

Hindustan Unilever to go away from "fair"

Hindustan Unilever Chairman Sanjiv Mehta said in a statement that they are making an inclusive skincare portfolio in which they are portraying the beauty in a more diversified manner. The Dove and Knorr products are also sold by the Hindustan Unilever. The skin lightening products usually have a huge market in South Asia. This huge market demand is due to the long followed myth about fairness.

Sunny Jain, president of Unilever’s beauty and personal care division said that fair, white and light all these words contribute to the meaning of beauty in many societies but this is not correct and Unilever wants to address this for sure. The procter&gamble’s Loreal also sells similar kind of products what Unilever sells.

Hindustan Unilever to go away from "fair"

The Fair and lovely brand’s name is about to be changed but the new brand name is not yet revealed. Sources revealed that Loreal was also in a discussion to change the name following the criticism. Th =e word beauty is synonymous with white, shining, and lightening in many places. The movement Black lives matter is on its way to break all those.

Many of us will be from different societies and we will be following many such practices. Even many of us could have come across this fair and dark differentiation. Surely it affects the emotions of dark-skinned people. Have you felt any such personal experience? How far it affected you?

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