Most of the manufacturing companies in India are looking for women workers as they face a shortage in the operation and production team. This situation arises since most of the workers have migrated to their hometown because of the Covid-19 crisis, and companies have decided to fill two-thirds of their workers with specifically female employees.


Staffing companies who help their clients with filling the vacant positions said most of their clients operating manufacturing plants have resumed their second and third shifts and are looking for particularly women workers to fill two-third of the vacancies.  Lohit Bhatia, President for workforce management in the country’s largest staffing company Quess corp said that this situation is true especially for mobile and electronic manufacturing plants where women employees can easily fill two-third of the workforce shortly.

women workers

Bhatia claims that, so far approximately 20–25 million workers have migrated from their workplace to their hometown since the coronavirus pandemic.

Due to this migration, companies aim to fill the vacant position with the local talent which could generate 5 million increment jobs for women, analyses Navneet Singh, chief executive, Avsar HR services.

Sudeep Sen, Business head for industrial, manufacturing, and engineering segments at TeamLease said that the electronics manufacturing companies in Tami Nadu and Karnataka could hire 5000 female workers in the next three months. He also said that at least two companies have approached the staffing companies requesting for 70% female workforce.

Women employees

Most of the companies feel that the female employees are more loyal, have high attendance record, generous, sincerity at work, and also at times like this, female workers possess sincere attitude towards safety and precautionary measures.

Sanjeev Sharma, managing director of ABB India in a recent interview with ET said that this pandemic has spiraled up the opportunities for women employees in white-collar jobs. Women who left the job due to family obligations have also tuned up since most of the companies have come with the idea of work from home as they can work from their homes.

Hence, this pandemic has led to open so many opportunities for the women employees who deserve the right position based on the skill they possess.

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