Anand Mahindra declares funding investment as $1 Million

Anand Mahindra, Chairman, Mahindra group of companies has declared his funding investment as announced by him early. Based on his previous announcement regarding funding investment for an Indian social media startup, Anand Mahindra invests $1 million in startup Hapramp.

What is Hapramp?

Hapramp is a blockchain-based social media startup located in Gurugram, Haryana. It was founded in 2018 by five young computer science graduates. This startup works on solutions to help people have control of their data. It was incubated by Huddle in its early days.

GoSocial is their flagship social networking solution that allows people to work on creative ideas. Gosocial encourages creativity, explores challenges and rewards artists. The startup is also building and Asteria Protocol. helps creators to earn cryptocurrency powered by Steem Blockchain. Asteria Protocol is an idea that ensures data privacy and security.

 Reasons to choose Hapramp


The funding opportunity was announced in 2018 and it took 2 years for Anand to find such an Indian startup that met all his criteria.

He was more inspired by their solid business model, speed, frugality, mission and vision.

Web 3.0 social network and emerging digital technology workings are the models that inspired him.

Moreover, It’s an Indian built startup.

Hapramp’s new mentor and targets

Jaspreet Bindra, Ex- Mahindra executive has been assigned as the mentor and executive advisor to this team. With already 50,000 Gosocial app downloads in the past three months, they are targeting to reach one lakh users in the next three months. The startup has 12 employees now. They are also about to hire around 15 -20 employees by the end of this year.

Vikram, CEO of Hapramp is much excited and looks forward to more success in their journey. He has expressed his gratitude for this massive approval. He also states that the team will be using this fund to expand their platform and to empower creators.


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