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Zomato – 13% employee lay off

by Dhivya Manick

Employee lay off- Big headache for business

The massive global killer CORONA virus triggered a forced lockdown for the whole world. The people of developing countries like India are likely to suffer more in the present and in the near future due to this lengthy lockdown. The online food ordering platform on Friday announced that it is going to lay off 13% of its workforce. Around 4000 employees are working in Zomato. The company’s CEO Deepinder Goyal said that the company does not foresee enough work for all the employees to do, so Zomato takes this decision.

Zomato - 13% employee lay off

Deepinder Goyal said that the employees impacted by the decision will get a zoom call in 24 hours. He will join with COO Gaurav Gupta, CEO Food delivery Mohit Gupta and other employees in the video call. The employees affected by the lay off will be supported financially with half the salary. In the meantime they have to search for the jobs outside said the CEO Deepinder Goyal.

Zomato - 13% employee lay off

The health insurance and the ESOPs will be provided for the next six months. The company also decided to reduce the salary for the other employees too. The salary will be deducted based on the designation of the employees said Goyal.
Goyal said the decisions are not the permanent ones but are temporary. Maybe it will continue for six months. Once the situation gets back to normal the company will get back to the normal policies.

Zomato - 13% employee lay off

Not only Zomato many companies are severely affected by lockdown. The economy is affected badly. The companies are forced to lay off their employees in this worst economic situation and need to balance the work with minimal employees. The employees laid off are also severely stressed about searching for a new job. The current situation also shows red signals for those searching the jobs. The COVID and hunger are guns pointing towards us in this current scenario.

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