Uber resumes with safe operations

What the Uber drivers and riders have to do?

As the lockdown is getting a little bit relaxed to lift the Indian economy several sectors started its operations gradually. The Uber designed a new technology to maintain safe operations. The drivers before accepting the trips have to take a selfie wearing the mask. It will be verified by the newly developed technology. The app will not accept all the selfies and the selfies without mask will show a message that we are unable to confirm your face mask.

Uber’s safety measures also include regular disinfection of the cabs and mandatory masks. It is mandatory for all drivers and riders in Uber to wear masks. The drivers and riders should verify the checklist given by the firm before starting a ride which includes the precautionary tools for Corona. Uber has supplied its drivers with more than 3 million three-ply face masks, 1.2 million shower caps, 200000 disinfectant bottles, and 200000 sanitizer bottles all over India at free of cost.

The drivers also have to replenish the PPE at frequent trips mentioned. The drivers can pick up the PPE from a specified location through Uber volunteers by scanning the QR code. The Uber Go, Moto and auto only will be operated and riders are not allowed to sit near drivers in Uber Go. The driver and rider both have the flexibility to cancel the rider if any one of them finds the other not wearing the mask.
The company also made all the drivers to install Aarogya setu app.

The pandemic has become a new moral and every one of us should learn to accept it safely and securely. The COVID and hunger are guns pointing towards us in this current scenario. To fight both everyone should stand apart and fight in the current situation so that we become closer in the future.

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