Tariff as a weapon – China warns the US not to shift the blame:

Tariff as a weapon

BEIJING: US President Donald Trump has threatened China that they would impose more tariff on China as a way to retaliate the country’s handling of the coronavirus. The Trump administration has accused China of its lack of transparency about the origin of the outbreak which has now reached a huge global death rate. China on Wednesday reported that Tariffs should not be used as a weapon during this situation.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying told the reporters on a daily meeting that tariffs in general harms every party involved and the US should reconsider its decision.

Tariff as a weapon:

Trump on Friday said that raising tariffs against China is an option he is considering to retaliate for the coronavirus pandemic which was initially originated in China.

China’s economy shrank to 6.9% as the country has laid down lockdowns and the economic activities are currently on halt which is affecting the country hugely. So, it would suffer greatly if the United States were to impose more tariffs.

Hua argued that the United States is changing the attention from its own mismanagement of controlling the epidemic by shifting the blame onto China.

“What has the US done in the past few months? How did it allow the outbreak to develop to the stage today? Is this how the government should respond to its people?”, she said.

Hua said that the Chinese government has done a wonderful job in controlling the virus and that it responsibly informed the World Health Organization and also the United States and other European countries about the virus as early as January 3.

She continued the accusations that China has planned and spread the virus to the rest of the world, speculated by US officials are totally lame.

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