COVID- impact: International flight operations suspended

The COVID-19 has taken a serious hit over the airline industry. International flights have been paused for 2 months and this pause is to be continued for another month. However, domestic flight operations have begun all over the country.

 International flight operations have been suspended till June 30

On Saturday, The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA)  has announced that the suspension of International commercial passenger flights will be continued till the end of June. This announcement came right after the extension of lockdown with fresh guidelines from the Home ministry. Further, Unlock-1 will be initiated throughout the country from June 8, wherein a lot of relaxations are announced.

International flights

DGCA said, “If the operations are about to begin from India, the corresponding foreign airlines will be informed timely to ease out the difficulties”.

Despite of the current situation, domestic passenger flight services have already started from Monday. Domestic flight operations have started after a halt of 2 months because of the nationwide lockdown which was imposed on March 25.

The government starts ‘Unlock-1’ from June 8. In this period the current lockdown will continue with a lot of relaxations which includes the re-opening of shopping malls, religious places, restaurants, etc. However containment zones, worst-hit areas will follow strict regulations till June 30.

International flights

The problem in starting international flights is the danger of spreading the disease across the country. As International passengers were the first to be affected by the virus, there has been a lot of things that need to be done before starting the operations. Even for domestic flights, there has been a lot of recent rules and regulations which includes compulsory mask during travel, social-distancing, Self-isolation for 14 days and so on. Even if the international flight operations begin, it will be a burdensome task to keep the virus spread under control and every passenger needs to follow a set of rules and regulations to ensure his/her own safety.

However, the pause over International flights continues till June 30.

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