Massive Evacuation of 14000 Indians – 13 countries, 64 flights, 3 navy warships

India is one of the countries with the strictest Lockdown that banned the entry of all Indians from abroad into the country since March. A massive plan by MEA for evacuation of 14000 Indians.


Online registration for evacuation of Indians

The Ministry of External Affairs has scheduled a massive plan to bring back the 14000 Indians struck in 13 foreign countries by 64 flights in the first week of operations. The MEA plan is to begin on May 7.

The list of Indians wishing to travel back India is prepared through online registration by the Indian embassy and its consulates in other countries. A total of 14 navy warships have been sent to the Gulf and other countries to bring back the Indians. Once the Indians in foreign reach India they should bear the cost of travel and 14 days of quarantine. The first preference will be given to people in a medical emergency.

Outlay of the operation

Day 1: 10 flights will evacuate 2300 Indians.

Day 2: Approximately 2050 Indians from different countries will arrive at Chennai, Kochi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, and Delhi.

Day 3: Around 2050 stranded nationals from 13 countries will arrive at Kochi, Mumbai, Lucknow, and Delhi.

Day 4: The Ministry of Aviation in association with MEA will bring back 1850 Indian Multinationals from 8 different countries such as the US, UK, and UAE.

Massive Evacuation of 14000 Indians - 13 countries, 64 flights, 3 navy warships

Guidelines to be followed

  • All the passengers have to fill up the form mainly regarding their health details and furthermore before boarding the evacuation flights.
  • All the passengers will be screened before the travel and only the asymptotic passengers will be allowed to Travel to India.
  • The passengers should strictly follow the protocols issued by the ministry of health and civil aviation.
  • The arrived patients in India will be thoroughly scrutinized and will be quarantined in the hospitals or specified buildings for 14 days.
  • The app Aarogya Setu should be installed by all the passengers once they arrive here.

Massive Evacuation of 14000 Indians - 13 countries, 64 flights, 3 navy warships

This massive operation by MEA will be the largest since the Persian Gulf war in 1990.

This operation by MEA is a decision beyond boldness and let us hope for the good to happen.

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