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Ratan Tata – Inspiring positive words for entrepreneurs

by Dhivya Manick

The novel coronavirus has shutdown every sector including the hope of millions behind those sectors through a forced lockdown. Here comes the ever-inspiring industrialist Ratan Tata with positive thoughts to encourage the entrepreneurs to overcome the barriers laid by the lockdown.

Ratan Tata - Inspiring positive words for entrepreneurs

Dreams to reality

The pandemic could have caused a severe disruption. But these difficulties and hurdles will drive entrepreneurs to find a new way which was just a dream before this pandemic said, Ratan Tata. Before this pandemic entrepreneurs could have dreamt of innovative ways to run the business. This lockdown will lay a platform for those entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into reality.

We can realize that the lockdown has made many of our wishes come true. So far work from home, online classes, pollution level never we imagined, and more was a mere wish for many of us before this pandemic. But the situation has forced the society to adapt this with rapid development in technology. All this would have been once just a dream or thought for many but this lockdown situation has made it possible. Similarly entrepreneurs will find a way to run a business including logistics, finance, and more says, Ratan Tata.

Ratan Tata’s confidence and hope

Ratan Tata - Inspiring positive words for entrepreneurs

Ratan Tata said that he won’t underestimate the challenges and difficulties in this pandemic. But he says that he has much more confidence and hope on the inventive nature and creativity of entrepreneurs today. He also added that this situation will force entrepreneurs to adapt and create.

“Necessity is the mother of invention”

This pandemic has created a necessity and will definitely drive everyone towards the path of invention. So it is a temporary situation to lockdown our physical activity but not our mental creativity. Let us all have a positive approach and work towards a smart way to run our life once we get on to the floors after lockdown.

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