1st Drug for Corona recovery – USA’s Brave move

As all the countries are struggling to discover the vaccine for the deadly Covid-19, USA allows a drug for corona to the patients who are severely affected and in a need of life support. Regulators from the USA allowed this on Friday which seems to help Covid19 patients recover faster.

Drug for Corona from Gilead Sciences

Gilead Sciences is a research-based biopharma company, which got clearance from the USA Food and Drug Administration. The drug is allowed for use by the patients who are hospitalized with severe illness and in a need of life support.

USA President Donald Trump announced the news along with the Gilead CEO Daniel O’Day and Stephen Hann, Commissioner of food and drug administration at the White house. As per Hann’s statement, this was the one which gets approved at the speed of light and he also stated the drug as an important clinical advance.

Food and Drug Administration’s Decision

FDA, after the preliminary results of this drug from the government-sponsored studies, which show that the recovery time had been shortened by 31%  which is about 4 days on an average for Covid19 patients who are hospitalized, acted immediately in the process of approving it.

It says that those patients who are given the drug can vacate the hospital in 11 days instead of the usual 15-day time frame. The drug majorly helps to avoid death and minimize the death rate, but the complete effect of the drug has not been known by the scientists, because of the shorter span of time and smaller test group.

As per Dr Sameer Khanijo, a critical care specialist, the drug cannot be termed as a cure for Corona, but it was the starting point for the researchers to proceed in the right direction.

Possible Side effects

The drug may have some side effects like potential inflammation of the liver, nausea, vomiting, sweating and lower blood pressure. FDA confirmed that the information about dosing and potential safety issues will be instructed to physicians and respective patients.

The drug can now be used on severely affected people, and in the meantime, let us hope for a potential drug for all the infected people, by which we can come out of this crisis real quick.

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