COVID’19 – Airlines industry immensly affected

When will airlines industry take off ?

The airline industry in India is rapidly affected by the deadly coronavirus. For the past two months since the lockdown commenced the industry is in a frozen stage. However the current lockdown is likely to end on May 18, the industry not yet receive proper intimation from the government for the ticket bookings.

COVID'19 - Airlines industry rapidly affected

India is one of the fastest-growing markets in the airline industry. The prediction by IATA says that India won’t take much time to get back on the track. In India the number of passengers is likely to fall by 47% compared to the last year.

The Directorate General of civil aviation discussed about this issue. It is planning to operate the trips at minimal frequencies taking into consideration the safety of the passengers. Due to the lockdown the firms were forced to cancel the trips and the full amount of the flight ticket has to be refunded.

COVID'19 - Airlines industry rapidly affected

The Directorate General of civil aviation instructed the airlines not to resume anything and the information regarding the commencement of the flights will be intimated 10 days before to it. It is also expected that the flights are likely to operate in the safe green zone but major hubs lie near hot spots.

The current demand arises mainly from the migrant workers since they want to reach their hometown soon. And the demands are mainly from the top 10 airports. So it sounds impractical to operate the flights from these major hubs. Experts say that the domestic flights won’t resume for the next one month. Even it operates it has to follow strict safety measures.

The discussion for operating international flights is still going on. India won’t operate international flights until the country comes under a safe zone. The operation of international flights is a risk at own cost. So the hope is the government will take it seriously.

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