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Flyzy – Contactless mobile app

by Dhivya Manick

Contactless mobile app – safe to fly

The massive global killer CORONA virus triggered a forced lockdown for the whole world. As the lockdown is getting a little bit relaxed to lift the Indian economy several sectors started its operations gradually. The air travel was in a frozen stage since March and resumed just a few days before. The government has issued several safety regulations that have to be followed by the passengers for safe air travel. Considering all the safety factors in mind, the students of IIT Guwahati developed a contactless mobile app called ‘Flyzy’ for safe air travel of the patients.

Flyzy - Contactless mobile app

The students who created the app said that it is the first application in India which enables contactless and personalized air travel. The founder of the ‘Flyzy’ app is Deepak Meena who is the student f IIT Guwahati and CEO of ‘Flyzy’. The app is developed as per the guidelines of the International Air transport Association (IATA). It is also said that the app is completely safe and it has no threat from cybersecurity.

The app has more features. The app will help the passengers in knowing the passenger processing, airport shopping, parking and baggage drop. Meena stated that there are talks going on with the airport authorities of Guwahati, Mumbai, and Banglore. The processing time of the application will not slow down even when the passengers maintain social distancing.

Flyzy - Contactless mobile app

Another student from IIT Guwahati said that the app will make the air travel process efficient and create confidence in the minds of people. Meena added that the airline industry is one of the most economically important sectors in business and it is our duty to make it function efficiently.

Considering the efficiency of the contactless application ‘Flyzy’, it has been recognized by Startup India and NITI Aayog.

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