7 Best Online Learning Platforms to Unleash your Productivity!

online learning platforms

Feeling Bored sitting in your couches for a long time? Waking up, browsing, social media chitchats, rarely some online learning platforms, several intervals of a nap, watching movies/web-series, eating, watching TV, sleeping and the cycle repeats!!

For the working individuals, Quarantine time is a blessing in disguise. We have been complaining of not being to spend time with family or at home because of work commitments. But now you people are working from home, there are certain things you need to PAY ATTENTION to.

As most of us, are saving our travelling time to office, school, college; let us also utilize some time at least an hour in a productive way by learning new things that you have longed for/new courses which you would want to excel/ a new language you wished to speak/ a new programming language /learning a management course/or a psychology course/to learn about health, life.

Educating yourself does not mean that you were stupid in the first place;

It means that you are intelligent enough to know that there is plenty left to LEARN.

UNLEASH YOUR PRODUCTIVITY by utilizing your longed-for time being at home .

Here I have listed the best 7 TRENDING online learning platforms that could aid you to save the time and utilize it in a PRODUCTIVE way!

Note: The below listed apps are not listed in any order!


The  online learning platform helps you to learn all effective trending programming languages like Python, Dark web, R programming, Design Platform, Azure, Product Management and many more exciting courses. It comes with a blend of video lectures that focus on context based learning. The certification programmes helps you to improve your professional carrier.

Also, it helps you to find an aspiring Job career and helps you to provide better placements.

You can get access to any 10 courses for just Rs.2499, Access few free Courses too!!

Available in languages: Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Kannada & Hindi

To learn, Click on: https://www.guvi.in/

2. Simplilearn

Simplilearn Launches Salesforce Platform Developer I (Apex ...

This platform is a leading Professional Certification Training provider. Provides you the quality courses- Big Data, AI, Marketing, AI, Quality Management, data Science, Data security. Salesforce etc… If you are really interested to build your career in the above mentioned areas, this is a best platform to dive in.

To know about the recent technology upgrades, look at the resources tab.

Available only in English

Pricing is bit expensive but extra value assured.

To learn: https://www.simplilearn.com/

3. Curious.com

Curious.com is a more personalized learning platform. Its aim is to improve the Curious quotient and activate your brain’s creativity.Based on your Interview, Curious learning engine generates your personalized CQ wheel.

                                                                       Your CQ Wheel is unique!

Based on your convenience in learning, you can start learning, this platform is really interesting.A wide range of knowledge can be achieved , the learning is more engaged and highly interactive.

Available in English, You need a Paypal account or credit card to login and Its Free for First 7 days!

Pricing is reasonable and affordable!

To learn, Click on: https://curious.com/

4. LinkedIn Learning

This online learning helps you to achieve your personal and professional goals. It combines content from Lynda- Online Courses, Class,Training Tutorials with LinkedIn’s professional data and network.Some of the courses are Software courses, Management & development, Business software & tools and Data science.It is interactive and a social learning takes place here.The two most valuable LinkedIn Learning Paths for Growth Hackers are 1.Become an SEO Expert 2. Become a Digital Advertising Specialist

Available in 7 Languages.

Start Free Trail for your 1st Month , Rs: 1400/month

To learn: www.linkedin.com/learning

5. Udemy

Udemy aims at business professionals and adults.The course categories include Business development,Finance & Accounting, IT&Software,Personal Development,Design, Marketing, Lifestyle, photography, Health & fitness, Music and Teaching & Academics. The wide ranges of course are available at this site.This platform is also accessible for the business team.

Available in English

The courses starts from Rs.420

To learn, Click: https://www.udemy.com/

6. upGrad

Upgrad is a well structured and has a certification from IIT Bangalore which helps you in your career.Those people ,who are really determinant in focusing and building their career, then this is the right place for you! You can learn from Top Universities, Industry Experts and Placement support is available. The program categories are – Data science, Machine learning, Digital Marketing, Management(Business Analytics), Software, Block chain & Insurance.

It is purely designed for the people ,who wants to achieve to their next level in their career.

Available in English, As it is accredited from top Universities the courses are very expensive and highly valuable for your Job placements and career growth.

To learn, Click on : https://www.upgrad.com/

7. Coursera

It is an online learning platform funded by Stanford professors. Consists of Business development courses like leadership management ,Finance, Marketing etc…, Data Science- Machine learning, Data analytics, Information Technology, Computer science-Python, R programming, Math & logic, Written/Spoken Language learning and many more. You can login for free and access both free courses and certification courses for a certain cost.

It is accredited by the leading global universities.Therefore, the paid courses are worth for money.

Available in several languages.

“It doesn’t take talent or luck to succeed, you just need to decide!” Decide learning, achieve by reaching your GOALS!

Either any one among these apps or Apart from these, If you have come across/ experienced/learned any means of other courses through online, please name the online learning apps and do feel free to share your comments below…. This would help many of the aspiring individuals like you.


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